Google – Apple – Facebook – Microsoft Wars: Start playing nice again.

Adolescent behavior

Enough!  I’m already tired from the corporate bickering.  I’m also exhausted from the changes.  Last week I downgraded my iPhone to iOS6 – yes, that’s right DOWNGRADED!  Apple has yanked the application that I use the most (Google Maps) from the software stack, and replaced it with something patently worse – ‘Maps’.  I’m sure there are commercial reasons, but as a consumer, I’m livid.

And now, I see that Google is going to stop iGoogle next year – presumably in favour of Google+, which is their attempt to out-Facebook Facebook.  Destined to failure.  At least I’ve been given over a year’s notice.  Actually I stopped using iGoogle a few years ago when they broke my favoured bookmarking widget.

My point is that, all this development by these guys is consuming my time, and I think I’m going around in circles, trying to get what I had back.  Today, I wanted to use a tool called Simplify, which allowed me to share my music between my own devices…guess what?  Google bought it and closed it down!  It would seem that they are trying to make an iTunes killer…

I’ve come to see that this is a battle for consumer lock-in, to gain advertising revenue.  They all want to ‘own’ the consumer end-to-end – and when I say own, I mean OWN, with lock-in and penalties for exit.  And collaboration isn’t enough these days; it has to be feral, all-out war.

So I’ve reached a point of total distrust. I’m not buying an iPad.  I have a Mac and an iPhone, and I think Apple have got enough of my purse.  It’s now worse than it was with Microsoft with their Windows hegemony, who are beginning to look quite cozy to me these days!  Apple is cozying up to Facebook right now, with further integration of their social platform with iOS6; Facebook had better not get too complacent.  Google is probably the least virulent, since I’m only beholden to them as my preferred information provider – but I’m sure this is causing the C-level’s hearts to throb at Google.

Play nice, guys, you’re not fooling anyone.

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